One of the hardest things to deal with as you get older is keeping as much of your independence as possible. No where in the house is this more obvious than in the bathroom. You know those numbers you hear about how most accidents occur in the home? Well, they’re all true. In particular, bathrooms, with their bevy of hard and slick surfaces, can be very dangerous for people with mobility issues. One solution is to install a walk in shower. If you have yet to consider the benefits a walk in shower could have for either you or a loved one, here are a few things to think about.

1. Easier Access

Accessibility is probably the most popular reason for purchasing a walk in shower. The walls that separate showers from the rest of the bathroom (especially tub/shower combinations) are what make them so dangerous. If you’re elderly, having to negotiate a hard porcelain wall to enter the shower is hard work and potentially dangerous. Removing that wall is essentially removing a huge barrier that was preventing you from using your own shower.

2. Easier to Clean

If you’re an older person living on your own, you probably still want to make the effort to clean from time to time. Cleaning out a shower shouldn’t be difficult. However, the shower’s barrier wall not only makes it tough to use the shower, it makes it nearly impossible to clean. Not only are walk in showers easier to enter, but they’re easier to clean because they lack the joints and seams present in traditional showers.

3. Increased Independence

If you own a traditional shower, you might be able to use it, but you’ll probably require some help. This means that a loved one or a nurse has to always be present when it comes to using the shower. If you have a loved one who insists on doing it him or herself, then you and the rest of the family have to continually worry if they’re safe at home taking a shower, and that’s a potential nightmare for everyone involved.

4. Added Features

Walk in showers are designed with the needs of the aged in mind. That means they come with a number of extra features to make showering easier. These include high-traction floors, grab bars, permanent and temporary shower seats, and much more.

To get an idea if a walk in shower is right for you or someone you love, do your own research online. You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to transition to a new walk in shower.

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