Are You aware that in Southern California it never rains and in Philadelphia it is always sunny? Sure, the summer season do occur in the other parts of our country too. It may also be possible that you are facing heat almost daily and you want to gear up for the coming hottest days of this summer, you will need in your patio a misting system for staying cool, during the days when the temperature will go very high.

Nowadays you will find a number of manufacturers are offering very energy efficient and effective mist cooling systems, which can be easily placed in your patios. With the help of such cool mist system you can instantly cool the ambient temperature in the surrounding of your patio, by using very little amount of energy. These cooling systems are quite easily affordable and it may cost even less than outdoor fans too.

Here are basic details about the patio misting system meant for cooling your outdoor area as well as for your entertainment.

How the misting systems really cool?

If understand the basic principles of science, then it will not be difficult for you to see how efficient and effective these misting systems are. Here, the water comes out from a specially designed nozzles that gives a very fine water spray, and we call it as mist.

The water which is in liquid form is going to evaporate and quickly become gas and then it takes away the heat and totally transforms the environment. This heat that comes out from the surrounding air gets mixed with the fine particles of water spray, and as a result it creates a cool temperature instantly.

When such mist is being generated from the very fine nozzles, it will increase evaporation, which will further increase in cooling effect around the air. More nozzles and finer mist ensure more drop-in temperature.

In certain areas, depending upon the ambient temperature or humidity, you can achieve the drop-in temperature up to 40 degrees too. Also, you must keep in mind that with this system, if you use it during typical humidity conditions will not increase humidity and hence you will not feel damp or even uncomfortable due to high humidity under these misters.

How to get the right system?

There are companies who can offer many different options for such mist cooling system. Each system will run on your water supply that is present and they will provide different pumps with the systems which will boost the pressure of water for creating fine mist which is very effective for cooling.

In order to select the right system, you need to specify the area that you want to cool. With this input they will develop the best possible nozzle configuration and their placement to effectively mist and maintain that area cool and at comfortable temperature.

You can get this mist cooling system in kit form of different sizes, and also the supplier can create custom kits as per your needs.

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