Living with a disability due to an accident, a developmental delay from birth or an age related illness or condition can impact individuals in a variety of ways. Much of the life of a disabled person is finding ways to adjust to circumstances that are not ideal and can be difficult to manage. Individuals with disabilities often rely on the assistance of others to even have their basic needs met. Many individuals with disabilities want to have as much independence as they can, as the act of relying on someone for basic life tasks can be embarrassing and stressful for the disabled. Personal hygiene is a common task that many individuals with disabilities rely on others to help with. This article explores trends in assisting and giving individuals with disabilities independence, specifically as it relates to personal hygiene. 

Personal Hygiene

Regardless of how an individual became disabled, not being able to manage one’s own personal hygiene can be very upsetting and stressful for anyone. As a way to address this concern for individuals with disabilities, many companies are researching and producing products that aid in providing personal hygiene independence to the individuals and families living life with a disability. Personal hygiene is such an intimate and private matter, and when most individuals with disabilities are asked about what they wish they could do, you will hear many answers about having the desire to perform their own personal hygiene. Products are now becoming available on the market to meet these needs, like bathtubs for the disabled.

Meeting a Need

Many companies are researching and creating new products to try and give some level of independence back to individuals with disabilities. A successful product will be something that is safe and easy to use, but gives some (if not all) level of independence to the disabled user. There has been an increase in the market for bathtubs for the disabled because personal hygiene independence is so important to individuals with disabilities. When searching for a bathtub of this type, some key things to look for are companies that make their product well and stand behind the product with a warranty of some kind. The products should meet standards set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Look for companies that offer a variety of products and free consultations so your needs can be met with what works best for your situation.

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