Working with concrete is both an art and a science. The art is knowing how to build the right forms and floating the smooth concrete to the surface. The science comes in knowing how to ensure the concrete will not crack under the soil’s natural movements. That involves knowing things like how to compact the soil, when to use concrete expansion joints, and when to use concrete joint sealant.

But even if you or your contractor does everything right, there is still the possibility of cracking. It is a fact of nature that large structures shift with the natural movements of the earth.

Polymer Fillers

In the past, cracks were difficult to fill. The products intended to fill and blend the crack just didn’t last over time. They were cement-based and had trouble adhering to the existing concrete. Today there are polymer-based repair materials specially designed to fill and seal cracks in concrete. The polymer’s molecular structure in these products bonds exceptionally well to the existing concrete.

Today’s concrete crack fillers can be used for home interior and exterior concrete surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, patios, and indoor cement floors. They can even be painted with latex-based paint.

Concrete crack fillers on the market today will fill and seal cracks that are quite wide and deep. Because of their sealing properties, concrete crack fillers protect against water penetration where moisture can seep down into the concrete. In humid climates this can lead to unhealthy mold growth, which can cause sickness.

Walk Around to Spot Problems

If you took a walkaround your house looking for cracked concrete, you’d find lots of areas that need repair. Common areas in need of repair include chimneys, driveways and slabs, broken concrete steps, unlevel sidewalks, and walkways where water can sit on the surface.

Cracks along basement walls can allow moisture from outside the house to seep through. In some cases, this can lead to mold growth. Experts recommend wiping moldy areas with a solution of bleach and water. If the problem persists it is wise to call in a mold-remediation company.

Today’s building products employ the best in building materials, all designed for specific applications. The new concrete patio crack repair products securely bond to concrete much better than they did in the past and help concrete maintain its structural integrity. Once cracks are fixed in sidewalks, patios, driveways, and all other areas, your house will look ten years younger.

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