What are the ways to keep my house bug free? What are the ideal means to get rid of bug infestation? These are some of the important and commonly asked questions by homeowners who suffer from the problem of pest infestation. The best method to control any kind of pest infestation is by preventing it from occurring. We have provided a list of effective preventive measures that prevent pests from invading your home.

Store your food in airtight jars

Ants are fond of leftovers. Thus, it is important for you to store your food material in airtight containers that comes with rubber seals present on the lids.

Perform regular inspection of the walls

Sacramento is the capital city of the U.S. state of California. Professionals at pest control Sacramento inspect your office or home for any holes or cracks in walls, your vents, and foundation. If they find any such signs, then they will seal or fill them as quickly as they can to eradicate roaches, termites, and other pests.

Clean your home regularly

Most of the bugs at home are seen to get comfortable and attracted to unhygienic and dirty environment. This requires regular cleaning of home to prevent infestation from pests easily. Any fallen eatables and spill of sweetened beverages on the floor invites ants and cockroach instantly.

So, make sure you regularly clean your house using an effective disinfectant solution. Vacuum cleaning your office or home also quickly eliminates pests and/or their eggs effectively.

Fix any leakage of holes

Fix any leaking faucets, appliances, and pipes. Even standing water can entice various different kinds of pests. So, ensure that there are no such possibilities in your house.

Keep your space clutter free

Cluttered home is an invitation to pests. As pests love to hide in dark places, so if your house is cluttered, then there will be more chances of their infestation.

Use pest control products

You must use pest control chemicals and things such as sticky paper, sprays, and zappers, to eliminate the issue to get bigger. Use of citronella candles also helps in prevention of spreading of mosquitoes.

Dispose garbage properly

Waste management is equally important when you want to keep your home and surroundings free from pests. Properly dispose all the waste inside the dustbin. Don’t keep the waste in the bin for more than a day. Empty the bin by taking the waste out of it every day.

Use a durable dustbin that has a lid on it. Not just it will prevent smell and food particles from leaking out of it, but also prevent pests from entering into it to find their food. This is one of the good habits that will reduce the possibilities of getting your house affected from pests.


Pests can be deadly for your family members especially kids, and elders who are more susceptible for causing an infection. Besides the above methods, hiring specialized firms for performing the pest control treatment keeps your house safe from any form of pest infestation.

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