We all know that clean environment is always better for our health. As far as any public space is concerned, you have no control over the cleanliness however you can certainly make your home the healthiest environment.

Especially before the season of cold and flu, take little time to keep your family protected by ensuring that your carpet is not making you sick. In case your carpets look clean, even then it will host for microbes, bacteria and other irritants.

Following are few health problems that may be caused due to dirty carpets and therefore you may have to look for any Dan Dan The Carpet Man.

  1. Respiratory Issues

Pet hair, mold, old skin and dust can easily get trapped in the carpet. Regular vacuuming can make your carpet free from these particles but can spread them in the air.

Such pollutant movement may lead to various respiratory issues e.g. difficulty breathing or coughing. People who suffer from asthmatic issue will feel such symptoms much more intensely.

2. Allergies

Mold or dust mites may inflame your lungs and also result in runny nose or red eyes if you have any allergies. Any buildup of all these in the carpet may easily trigger any allergy attack.

If you frequently get allergy-like symptoms, then your carpet is the culprit and must try to eliminate dust mites and bacteria.

3. Skin irritation

Rashes, itchy skin, eczema and athlete’s foot are all different dangers of dirty carpet which can get triggered by dust mites present in unclean carpet.

Despite regularly cleaning the carpet, dust mites that are too small and can evade any diligent home cleaners. You must use humidifier along with regularly cleaning your carpets for protecting your sensitive skin.

4. Weakened immune system

Your body always works hard for keeping you healthy but will work overtime in fighting against bacteria to keep you healthy if there is germs and toxins buildup in dirty carpets.

If you have small children at your home then frequent vacuuming as well as professional cleaning will be important to maintain your kid’s health.

5. Pet germs

For those who have pet animals, it is very important to keep your carpets clean to prevent any disease. Pets can urinate on the carpets which can cause unpleasant odor and this can cause lung or nose irritation.

The dampness may also increase mold growth risk particularly with dogs or cats that spend much time inside or outside the house, due to which germs can easily spread.

6. Stomach illness

Mold can develop on wet carpets which can cause many health issues due to the presence of mycotoxins. This can cause severe stomach infection and irritation too.

7. Mental anguish

Besides a host of so many physical illnesses due to dirty carpet, even your mental health may also be affected. Taking care of any sick child itself can lead to a lot of stress.

So how to protect you and your family from such health risks due to dirty carpet? Regular cleaning and vacuuming can help to some extent. Occasionally you must also get it cleaned by a professional cleaner.

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