For parents, nothing can be more important than the well-being of their children. Common home accidents that involves babies are falling from balcony and stairs, falling into the pool and drowning, getting pricked by sharp objects like knives, needle, scissors, nails, nail cutters, pins etc. As we can see, there are more potential dangers for children at home than outside. We need to protect them even more when they roam freely inside the house. Use of baby gates, keeping hazardous substances away can be done to ensure children’s safety.

What is a baby gate?

Baby gate or children safety gates are the protective barriers installed at sites that may possess possible threat to children. These gates restrict the outreach of children to such areas so as to prevent possible injuries. Generally, these gates are installed at sites like kitchen, bedroom, bathroom staircase, balcony etc. CarolKaySite baby safety gates provide you with surplus information about 10 different types of baby gates and their features.

Importance of baby gates

Baby gates have lots of importance, some of which are –

  • Keeping children away from hazard
  • To keep babies in one room in sight of elders
  • Prevent direct contact with animals

Types of safety gate

Safety gates are available for both inner and outer applications as well as for permanent or temporary fitting.

There are two types of children safety gates –

  • Pressure fit gates
  • Hardware gate

Benefits of safety gate

The safety of babies, especially crawling babies is very important. Safety gates have a lot of benefits for children like –

  • They provide a safe and secure environment for children
  • Safety gates have advanced systems like alarm system

How to buy safety gates?

Before buying safety gates, you need to decide whether he or she should buy pressure or hardware safety gates. As a solution to this confusion, one should fit hardware gates near staircases which could be mounted to the walls with the help of screws, whereas, pressure gates can be used at room entrances.

The most important things to keep in mind are the features provided by the gates. While selecting gates one should look out for –

  1. Easily opening – Parents should feel easy to open the gates and walk through them.
  2. Slats gap – as recommended by Juveniles Products Manufacturing Association (JPMA), the gap between the slats should not exceed 2 3/8 inches to prevent undesired incidents.
  3. Certification – the product must be certified by JPMA or American society for testing.
  4. Size and adjustability – the product should be stretchable to fit onto gates of various sizes. Moreover, it should have good interlocking system.
  5. Pressure and strength – the gate should have high tensile strength and the ability to retain higher applied pressure.

You can look for as many features as per your choice but remember that it should be in use for your child’s safety. Hope, these tips were helpful to decide about your child’s safety.

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