These days most of the apartment renters grab the very first unit which is available, and usually don’t consider the position of the unit within the complex or building.

No doubt, it is always not possible to obtain the unit that you prefer, but following are few things that you must ask yourself while leasing out your next apartment complex in Phoenix.

  1. Sunrise and sunset

Some of you must be working late in the night and hence try to catch up sleep till late hours during the day. In case it is so, you will undoubtedly prefer to rent your unit where the bedroom must face away from sunrise.

In some cases, possibly you enjoy to wake up with sun light in your face on each new day. In either of the case, while hunting for apartment you have to ask the leasing agent about the direction of sunrise and sun set.

  1. Noise cancelling

All of us like to have peaceful rest after working hard for the whole day. Some of us may also like to enjoy late-night movie. However, sound sleep at night is always a priority for most of us.

In that case, you need to choose your unit so that it should not face the traffic or at least remain far away from the main road.

Lastly, you need to make sure that your unit may not be located near a noisy part of the complex where there is children’s playground etc.

  1. How low can really you go

You can find apartment in in many high-rise buildings where you can choose your unit in the top-story of the building. Some of you may also not like to stay in too high location.

There is no right or wrong in choosing the floor height. Afterall it is individual choice. So, before you choose your unit you may try to know the opinion of your family and their desires.

  1. Just walk away

Most of you may prefer to choose the unit that can be easily assessed so that you can straightway enter into your bedroom after parking your vehicle and after climbing few steps on the stair.

However, having your unit in the easy access area has also certain drawbacks too. Probably you may find that most of the other residents are passing through the same way and it can become a nuisance for you.

Therefore, again choose your location of the unit very wisely by considering all these small factors.

  1. Try to avoid the location of hanging out

Many of you may prefer to stay near the location where most of the amenities provided by the building remains quite close to you. Let us say you have chosen in such a location, where the gym, social clubs and few other amenities are very close by.

However, soon you will realize that most of the people of the complex hang out at that place for late night which may disturb your privacy.

So, prefer to choose your unit so that it may be within safe distance from all such amenities.

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