The most commonly found household pests in middle Tennessee are mice and their average lifespan is about a year. However, this pest can crate havoc during their small lifetime.

Even a single mouse can carry many different diseases and some of them can easily get transferred to humans as well as pets. If you want to know more about the diseases that mouse can spread then you may click here.

Few rodent allergies

Per research conducted in the late 90’s, studies have shown that even urine from any common house mouse can contain an allergen which can be a significant cause of creating asthma related symptoms among those who have a weak immune systems.

These mice can urinate in microdroplets anytime they feel like and this is major health risk for anyone who is exposed. You must spare yourself from the symptoms that are created by mice immediately by sealing off all entry points to both the attic and crawlspace.

How can you know if your house has mouse?

  1. In case you notice a few mouse droppings, then you know that you have mouse problem. You may not have seen any mouse, but the mouse droppings alone can be a positive sign that there are mice present on your premises.

If you leave it unchecked, then a mouse problem can only go from bad to worse, since these mice can breed very quickly.

  1. If you notice unexplained holes or there are tears in the cloth, clothing or insulation, fabric or many other materials this can be caused by a mouse as they try to use all these materials in order to create their nest.

If you suddenly you notice plenty of shredded fabric or any other material in dark corners or in any seldom used areas, then there is a chance that mice have already taken up their residence.

  1. Often you can find small holes at the bottom of your desk drawers or kitchen cabinets and many other pieces of furniture.

You will find these intelligent creatures may have chewed their way in already by making a few small holes and then use their newly built homes for building nests and also making more mice.

  1. You will hear strange scratching noises within the walls, particularly during the nighttime. Usually, mice by nature are nocturnal and rarely will you see them coming out during the day hours.

In case mice infest your house then you will hear scratches and other strange noise because animals will move around searching for their food and also their bedding materials.

If you are sure that mice have infested your premise, then it will be important to act immediately before the infestation further increases and the mice create havoc in the premise.

In case just one mouse has discovered your home suitable for them, then many others will soon follow. Their influx will continue to grow until your home becomes totally inundated with all these rodents.

Mice can create a number of deadly diseases like plague, rickets disease, food poisoning, Hantaviruses and therefore you must take immediate actions if you find your premises infested by mice.

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