One of the very common issues landlords have to encounter at their rentals will be complaints about pests.

Landlord must take these complaints very seriously, as they can quickly turn into a large issue, which may result in tenant turnover or even fine from the health department.

All landlords are answerable for maintaining their rental property as per the standards of health and safety requirements.

Following are the way end of lease pest control Sunshine Coast should be approached at your rented premises.

  • Address the complaint quickly

Resolve complaints about pests quickly so that tenants are happy and ready to renew the contract.

If your tenant is complaining about a pest, then obviously there are pests. It is your obligation to address all their complaint immediately.

If ever pests were seen, then they can breed quickly. Even a small problem may become a bigger problem soon.

At this stage at much cheaper pest control Sunshine Coast prices, you can resolve large-scale infestation easily.

  • Speak with all the tenants

In case there are number of tenants then you must contact all the tenants to decide how much the problem can be.

You need not ask the tenant if they saw a rat, mouse or any such creepy crawly creature. Rather ask if there are any concerns or any repairs needed. In case, they saw any rodents or bugs, they will naturally inform you.

  • Identify your type of pest

Prior to exterminating the pest, first determine the category of pest. Your tenant may not know how to identify the pest that they saw. They may just complain that they saw bed bug, even if it was an ant.

There are different extermination methods for different rodents and insects, and hence get it right. Common methods to treat rodent problem is rat poison or glue traps, while insecticides are used on insects.

  • Where the pests are coming from?

After identifying, you must figure out how the pests get into your property.

During early stages bed bugs will remain confined to a place where they may easily feed themselves on humans.

Rodents and insects normally enter through any cracks or crevices. Check for these in your property.

You may have to hire certain professional exterminator in case you cannot easily locate the point of their entry in the property.

  • Exterminate

After you know about the type of pest and also from where they are entering then it is time to get rid of them. Many different ways are there to exterminate insects and rodents.

Few are glue traps, which are non-invasive, while few others, e.g. bug bombing, need the tenant to vacate the premises for certain period of time.

Either you can apply DIY method or can hire certain exterminator. It will depend on your own comfort level.

  • Keep a record

Keep all records about tenant’s pest complaints which must include:

  • Complaint dates
  • Type of complaint
  • Action taken by you to resolve complaint.

Maintaining this record can help you to provide proof, if tenant ever tries to say that you never addressed the pest complaint.

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