Do you find that your drain has been clogged or dirty? If yes, then you need to perform its maintenance? A clogged drain can cause a lot of problems in a household and incur expense in its repair and replacement. To save from these expenses, it is required that you perform its maintenance on a regular basis.

In this article, we will tell you some factors that help in determining the right frequency to get your drain cleaned.

Who is more prone to the risk of clogged drains?

Below are mentioned a few factors that inform you who is at a higher risk of clogging of drains.

The type of construction

People who have built a new home would be having their drains working in the right order. As their drainage system is “factory new”, it would not cause them blockage anytime soon. It is those who reside in rental homes or older homes are more susceptible to clogged drains.

This is because old constructions mostly have outdated gutters and pipes that are narrow. Such pipes have the tendency to gather debris fast, thereby leading to the development of a quick clog.

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People with specific lifestyle

Though anyone can face blocking of drains, however, your habits and lifestyle are two key factors that determine the level of risks.  People who wash their utensils in the kitchen are more prone to drain clogging than the ones who wash them in a dishwasher.

This is because the left-over food items and debris can gather quickly in your sink. It is important to become aware of it and bring necessary changes in habits and lifestyle so as to avoid clogging before it begins.

How much time period does it need to clog a drain?

There are several factors that determine the impact the speed at which a drain gets clogged. These factors are shown as below:

  • How frequently do you use your drain?
  • The quantity of dirt that gets collected within them.
  • If you do not have a filter or grain over the drain in your kitchen sink
  • If you have thick or long hair that can easily clog the bathroom sink at the time of taking a shower. To prevent such happening, you can use a shower grate for your drain.


To prevent leaving your house drain in the back burner, it is required that you perform its maintenance periodically. Getting your drains cleaned on a frequent basis is the only means to prevent unexpected clogs.

The assistance of an experienced plumbing professional would ensure that your drain stays clean and works in a smooth manner. Early detection of issues would prevent them from taking a bigger form in the future. This will save you from a heavy repair or replacement expenses.

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