Heat normally transfers from warm to cold areas. A heat pump transfers heat from lower to higher temperature which is against natural environment. Heat pumps have the capability of heating the space in our home and business.

If you want to install a good heat pump, you can log on to www.bjvarme.se. Bjvarme offer services in Vasteras and Eskilstuna. The company installs, services and sells all types of heat pumps. They are certified to perform important ventilation checks. The types of heat pumps are discussed below:

  • Absorption Heat Pumps

The absorption heat pump uses other heat sources such as geothermal or solar heated water, but not electricity. They are also known as gas-fired heat pumps because they do not use the energy of natural gas and they are used in industries. However, many commercial units of this pump are being made for large residential areas.

  • Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps

Mini-Split heat pumps are single units which can be mounted on walls and used for a particular room. The advantage of this heat pump is that it does not need ducts to pass heat in the rooms. This device works similar to normal air source heat pumps but on a small scale.

  • Solar Heat Pump

Solar heat pumps are used by combining geothermal and air heat pumps. They unite solar panels to supply power for the system. A solar geothermal pump can cool or heat your home by using a renewable source of energy.

  • Geothermal Heat Pumps

These heat pumps move heat through series of pipes which can be buried horizontally or vertically in loops outdoors. The pipe has a water solution which is heated by 50 to 60-degree F temperature of pond, ground or well and is circulated outside and inside the house.

Geothermal Heat Pumps also control humidity and can reduce a home’s energy consumption by 25 to 50 percent as compared to traditional heating and cooling system. These units can last for long and are noiseless, require little maintenance and can be used effectively in extreme climates.

Before buying a heat pump, it is good to keep in mind the following factors:

  • Climate
  • Sizing
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Tax Credits and Rebates

Some of the ways which you can use to increase your pump’s efficiency are:

  • Add insulation to wall and attic
  • Seal ductwork properly throughout the home
  • Insulate duct in crawlspace and attic
  • Add weather-strip around doors and caulk around windows.

The key features to remember while buying a heat pump are:

  • Demand-Defrost Control
  • Noise Output
  • Reverse Cycle Chiller


Heat pumps not only heat, but also control humidity and provide air conditioning. Heat pumps do not generate the heat but move it according to the room temperature whether it is hot or cold. If you want to install a heat pump, it is better to call a heating and cooling technician who can guide you towards buying the right product with proper size for your home according to the climatic conditions.

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