The growth of plants depends upon the weather and water supply. After planting a crop, you need to check whether it is getting sufficient quantity of water. Good irrigation system helps for the root growth of a crop.

For efficient water supply to the crops irrigation pumps or sprinklers are very helpful. For crop irrigation, PumpBiz provides you high-quality pumps with a big motor and high horsepower. Also, they provide accessories including control panels, strainers as well as hoses. You can visit the branch at Northbrook for pumps or accessories.

Tips to grow crops

The following are some of the guidelines that help you to increase the growth as well as production of crops.

  • Flow meters – A farmer needs to observe whether the roots are getting required quantity of water. A flow meter helps to identify it. Then, you can manage the water levels as per the requirement.
  • Check the soil type – Clay soil needs more water compared to sandy soil. You need to clarify which kind of soil is there in your land.
  • Set time – Notice the exact time required to supply water to the land. Set the time as per the requirement. You can easily determine the need for irrigation by using weather reports like temperature, humidity, crop evapotranspiration, rainfall or soil-plant.
  • Try to use drip irrigation method – Compared to the other conventional systems drip irrigation saves 50% to 70% of water and 20% to 90% of yield. In this, water will be supplied to the roots directly. This helps to maintain a balance between both air and water.
  • Use of ApplicationsThese days a number of applications including water meter calculator, irrigate cost, and others are available to increase the knowledge on irrigation system. By these apps, you can easily know the answers to the questions like soil water position, cost required to irrigate the land, etc.
  • Reduce wastage – Excess water distribution to the land may lead to overflow. To avoid such problems, you need to use proper placement of pipes as well as techniques for irrigation.
  • Maintenance – You need to maintain the irrigation system properly, for every 5 to 10 years you have to upgrade it. With this, you can reduce costly repairs, which occurs in future. Also, it provides proper irrigation to the plants.

For irrigation system first, you need to find out the water quality. As per the requirement of the crop, you can adjust the pH of water else you can install a filter.

To plan irrigation systems, elevate the field. It helps you to provide proper water flow and pipes. Both distance and water flow affect the size of the pump.

A plant requires more water when it matures. So, you need to arrange the capable system that provides sufficient water at the maturity level. If the pipe diameter is double in size, then the water supply will be quadruple.

Before starting the irrigation method check with the agricultural engineer nearby you and arrange the best suitable system for your land. Get the irrigation equipment from a knowledgeable dealer.

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