We know that your pets are the most important members of your family. After a tiring day at work or after a work trip when you get back home, your little soul mate would be waiting for you with so much love and affection. Your tiredness of the day or the trip vanishes the moment you start playing with your enthusiastic and cheerful partner.

Pet owners who are having a schedule of frequent travelling or those who wish to go on a vacation to a place where they cannot take their pets with, you have several pet hotels Phoenix, Arizona. Canine County Club & Feline Inn is one among the best pet facilities and is run by people who love animals and for the people who love their animals.

Tips on how to choose a pet hotel

However, when you choose your pet hotel, make sure to check the facility personally and find out few things about it. Then you can make an informed decision.

  1. Staffs strength and attitude – Find out about the number of people available to work at the pet hotel. This decides the quality and sometimes the attitude of the caretakers. If they are overburdened with work, obviously they can’t be courteous with pets.

Find out by observing or by asking other pet parents how the staff behaves towards your pet. You do not want your pet to suffer alone in a new place. Besides, the separation anxiety, it could also suffer due to your absence.

2.  Climate control – Most of the pets are fur babies that are used to a particular climatic condition. Therefore, it’s important to understand their comfortable temperature zone to keep them at ease.

3.  Custom Care for pets with specific needs – this is one important but easily forgotten criteria. Your pet need not have any specific needs. However, even anything trivial like a food preference or a nap time for your pet could be communicated.

4.  Feeding and play time – your pet would have been used to a schedule of eating time, play time and rest time at your place. Check with the pet hotel about theirs and make sure there isn’t a major difference. Your pet may feel much more anxious due to change of routine on top of the change of place.

5.  Trial period – ask for a trial period be it a few hours or a day at the lodging facility before your actual trip begins. This step is very important and necessary to find out how the facility works for your pet and make sure you don’t get called when you are away and unavailable.

Once you have found out all the necessary details and asked all the questions, you can choose a best facility that can keep and entertain your pet to be happy and healthy until you return back to him after your works. Only if your pets are in the right hands can one have a peaceful trip.

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